New License

1. A user can click the “I accept” tick-box without going all the way to the bottom of the Demonstration License Agreement – they must scroll through it before they can click’ accept’.

2. Copying and pasting the Demonstration License Agreement into the website box has introduced hard spaces between words which do not need to be there – meaning sentences break over lines where they should not.

3. ‘Evaluation copy’ should refer to ‘demonstration’ instead to match the language of the agreement
4. The page should be copyright 2017, not 2016
5. I think the copyright should be ‘P & C Micros Pty. Ltd’ not ‘Banksia FEMS’ given the copyright holder is P&C.
6. “Incomprehensible data will not be process” is in itself incomprehensible. It either needs to be fixed (“processed”) or removed – I vote removed.
7. The Demonstration License Agreement should also be available somewhere easy-to-find (or on this page) as a downloadable PDF file (formatted as per the Word doc we recently circulated) so users have the opportunity to take an offline copy of review it before they agree to it.
8. Do we mean ‘site location’ for “location”, (assume API-driven address validation field will not work globally or is too hard).
9. The Demonstration License Agreement does not contemplate the software being used at more than one location (site); I believe the software should only be able to be used at one site (subject to anybody having a contrary view); making the “Number of Sites” question redundant.
10. In ‘Type of facility” dropdown, “Others” should be “Other”.
11. I have no idea what “Preferred date and time of Demo” means – the Demonstration Licence is valid for three-months from clicking the ‘I accept” tick-box.
12. The “When is the best time to call?” field does not clearly state which time-zone it relates to – does it mean at the location of the site? This should be specified with location or timezone.
13. Most of the input fields appear to not have validation; this is sub-optimal in and of itself, but also I can use all symbols and copy/paste which is first-principles bad-practice for security (my pen tester would shirt-front me).
14. The date time box has some sort of validation but I can’t figure it out – it should have a calendar API-driven self-completion widget.
15. The notes on the right (“Will eventually link to support website; For now should have the support videos and a support contact.; Downloads – User Guides, Manuals, etc.”) mean nothing – This must be removed or fixed ASAP.
16. Completing the company name is not mandatory and neither is the location (???) but the website (of who/what unclear) is mandatory – suggest review which fields are mandatory and which not.
17. “No. of sites” which does not have a required flag is required (I don’t think it should be (if we even keep it))
18. If the registration does not work because the user has to complete more fields, they should have to click “I accept” again, instead of it staying checked (just the same as the user has to do the ‘I’m not a robot’ check again).
19. The closing-the-tab/window-warning-up-box “Request an online demo” should be updated to something like “Register for Demonstration software” – language TBC
20. Is the page “register now” or “download evaluation” (or “demonstration”) – the page name and website link should match
21. Banksia should have a superscript TM (“TM”) after it – Kate to validate “Banksia” is TM to P&C.