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Laser Tag

Banksia is designed to meet the needs of a busy laser tag centre. Whether you have 10 vests in a small arena, or 40+ in multiple arenas, Banksia enhances management oversight and reduces operational complexity, enabling your centre to increase revenue through efficient management. Here’s why Banksia is the right fit for your laser tag centre:


Booking Control

Banksia’s booking system fits perfectly into a laser tag focused centre. Banksia’s flexibility enables you to set the laser tag venue in multiple different ways depending on the day, and the deals you are selling. Many centres will run timed sessions, exclusive sessions, free-play sessions and more. The venue control in Banksia provides this booking flexibility, which drastically reduces booking errors.

Deals are allocated automatically to sessions. Booking a laser party with three laser tag sessions, an arcade session and an exclusive party room is simple. Banksia visually shows availability and allocates the appropriate tickets into the appropriate sessions.


NFC entry control

Never lose money to players ‘stealing’ games. Banksia’s CIPs are more than simple arcade controllers. Customers load credits onto their card and tap to gain entry via a turnstile.

This can be on a free-play basis or the CIP will deduct a certain amount of money from the customer’s card. It can allow or deny access if that player is not in the correct session, or if they have not signed the appropriate waiver. It even shows the customers photo on the device, so ‘borrowed’ cards are obvious.


Arcade controllers

For most laser tag centres, arcades provide an important secondary revenue stream. Banksia’s CIPs are coinless arcade controllers which can boost arcade revenue by up to 25%. Set more appropriate prices per machine, set restrictions, and provide VIP prices and discounts for members. They’re inexpensive devices attached to each machine. Say goodbye to unreliable coin mechanisms and complaints about lost money.

CIPs are controlled by the Banksia system, where you load credits. All or some of the machines can easily be switched into free-play for particular sessions or groups. Powerful reporting tools provide greater information and security of your business. Importantly, each customer is now entered into your customer marketing database.