Multi Attraction Centre

Multi Attraction Centre

Banksia really shines when it comes to multi-attraction centres. Whether you have two attractions or twelve, Banksia’s effective management control enables your centre to run smoothly across the board. Banksia enhances management oversight across multiple attractions and reduces operational complexity, enabling your centre to increase revenue through efficient management. Here’s why Banksia is the right fit for your multi-attraction requirements:


Booking flexibility

Taking bookings shouldn’t be a time consuming business. With multiple attractions at your centre, bookings can become complicated and hard to handle for staff. Too many booking systems lock you into an inflexible booking arrangement incompatible with the nuances of multiple attraction centres. Our trained installation team will discuss your booking packages and set up Banksia to your specifications. Bookings can be tracked easily with our detailed reporting functionality.

Banksia’s venue allocation provides the control to book deals and sessions that include different attractions. Moreover, those attractions can be various types – free play, timed, exclusive, etc. Banksia visually displays availability and prevents overbooking. Staff simply click the deal and allocate the number or sessions. Multiple ‘seats’ (counters) are all integrated with a server so that every counter has up to date information.

Arcade controllers

For most entertainment centres, arcades provide an important secondary revenue stream. Banksia’s CIPs are coinless arcade controllers which can boost arcade revenue by up to 25%. You are able to set appropriate prices per machine, set restrictions, and provide VIP prices and discounts for members. CIPs are inexpensive devices attached to each machine – say goodbye to unreliable coin mechanisms and complaints about lost money!

CIPs are controlled by the Banksia system, where you load credits. All or some of the machines can easily be switched into free-play for particular sessions or groups. Powerful reporting tools provide greater information and security for your business. Importantly, this results in each customer being entered into your customer information database, allowing targeted marketing.


Area control

With CIP access control, customers with NFC cards tap to gain entry to areas. For instance, you may set your laser tag attraction to deduct $10 upon entry, or set particular cards to allow access within a particular time on a freeplay basis. Additionally, the waiver control system will ensure that only those customers who have signed the appropriate waivers are allowed access to attractions such as Go-Karts and Rock Climbing.

Banksia provides you with powerful management tools, reducing insurance risk while simultaneously remaining flexible around your operational requirements.