Management Package

Intended for those who wants to efficiently manage their facility and operations. This package allows you to setup up to five seats: 4 stations and 1 server. It consists of full-featured LITE package with rosters and staff management, timeclock and timesheet, task allocations and comes with 50+ built-in reports for your business monitoring, planning and analysis.

This package comes with 5 Seats, wherein one seat allocated for your server, Module includes:

LITE Package with Full Features**

Feature Comparison

Staff Management (25 Users)
  • Job Allocation
  • Training Verification
  • Holiday Control
  • User Shifts Control
  • Time Sheet
Customer Management
  • Personal Information
  • Transaction History
Shift Controls
Time Clock
Roster Management
Booking System (Local)
  • * with the following allowable venue
  • 2 Standard Venue
  • 1 Reserved Venue
  • 4 Exclusive Venue (Party Rooms)
Reports Module (up to 50+ Standard Reports)
  • POS Reports
  • Booking Reports
  • Staff Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Analysis Reports
Task Allocation Module
  • *Up to 25 Users
Messaging System (Internal)
Online Roster (25 Users)
User Permission
  • **NO ZCred and Restaurant function

Available as add on, which can be purchased individually are:

  • – Booking System (with Online Booking)
  • – Customer Management
  • – CIP System
  • – Kitchen and Restaurant Setup
  • – Softplay System (future release)

Still unsure, what to get? You can download our Demo Version, so you can try and use the full system for you to easily evaluate your needs or you can contact us and we will gladly assist. Also, you can check our feature comparison for your reference.