LITE Package

Banksia FEMS comes in two packages, choose which package suits your current requirements. Additionally, you can choose from the list of our add on modules as per your needs. This way, you don’t have to spent hours thinking what modules you need or not as we have done it for you!

LITE Package: Ideal for small operations that is focus on a day to day sales transactions. This package allows you to setup up to 2 stations plus 1 server. Modules includes inventory, categories, suppliers, point of sale system, orders and stock management.

This package comes with 2 Seats plus 1, allocated for your server. Module includes:

Feature Comparison

  • Inventory (No Redemption, ZCred and Restaurant options)
  • Inventory Setup (No Redemption)
  • Orders (no Email function)
  • Stocks
Point of Sale
  • POS Module (No Tab Management)
  • Button Creator
  • POS Setup
  • XYZ Report
  • Receipt Designer
    *Up to 2 Stations
Terminal Management
  • Basic Settings
Shift Control
  • Start/End Shifts
Staff Management (2 Users Account)
  • User Information ONLY
Booking System (Local)
  • *with the following allowable venue
  • 2 Standard Venue
  • 1 Reserved Venue
  • 4 Exclusive Venue (Party Rooms)
User Permissions
  • With One (1) Permission Group
Basic Settings
  • Server, Database, Hardware, Booking, POS and Site Info