Go Karting

Go Karting

Rev-up your Go Karting centre with Banksia Management. Whether you have a small scale track with a few karts, or several racetracks with dozens of karts, Banksia is your partner in business success. Increase revenue through efficient management oversight and reductions in operational complexity. Here’s why Banksia is the right fit for your Go-Kart centre:


Booking Control

Banksia’s booking system is set up to your specific needs. Many centres will run timed sessions, exclusive sessions, free-play sessions and more. The venue control in Banksia provides this booking flexibility, drastically reducing overbooking and other booking errors.

Multiple racetracks? Banksia’s multiple venue management and booking control ensures that you never lose track of who is supposed to be where and when. Our trained installation team will discuss your booking packages and set up Banksia to your specifications. Bookings can be tracked easily with our detailed reporting functionality.

Multiple counters? Added stations are completely linked with information updated in real time. There’s no worry about overbooking with Banksia.


Waiver Control

With Banksia’s waiver control, you can be assured that only those customers who have signed the appropriate waivers are able to participate.

These waivers are stored both in an online and local database and can be assigned for each venue. Paired with Banksia’s NFC card system, waiver controls provide all important insurance security for Go-Kart centres. Turnstiles can be set to allow access to only those who have successfully signed the waiver.


Staff certificates

Banksia is more than a booking system. It can fully manage staff with access control, online rostering, task management and certificates.

Many centres require certain qualifications and certificates to be on-site at all times—such as first aid certificates—in order to meet health and safety regulations. Banksia can manage staff certificates and will push notifications w-hen rostering according to the rules you have set.