Modules & Features

Inventory Control & Management

  • Keep track of your quantities and never run out of stock again
  • Set each items minimum and maximum stock levels to avoid wastages
  • Manage and control all your inventory types in one place
  • Track your inventory down to ingredients, colors and sizes
  • Combine stock items and virtual items in one package and be able to track its individual inventories

Shift Controls and Terminal Management

  • Start, modify and end shifts of different terminal without having from a single station
  • Manage and control modules and POS screens per terminals
  • Modify shortcut keys as per your convenience and ease of use

Orders and Stock Management

  • Securely order stocks with approvals to minimize duplicate purchase orders
  • Send purchase order to supplier via email or simply print your orders
  • Monitor unfulfilled orders easily
  • Adjust stock quantity with history for records and references

Button Creator & Receipt Designer

  • Easily design your very own receipt using our user-friendly designer
  • Customize POS buttons individually or create button templates

Kitchen and Restaurant Setup

  • Create virtual tables in your system to easily manage customer’s orders
  • Print items that need to be prepared in kitchen for faster service

Point of Sale System

  • Create unlimited item groups to easily find items in your POS screen
  • Touchscreen and multiple screen compatible
  • Use tabs to manage customer’s orders and credit limits
  • Book your games and parties via POS without having to switch modules
  • Reprint receipts, apply discounts, process refunds and more
  • Print XYZ Report for your daily sales reconciliation

Staff Management

  • Create user account and staff database for records of vital information
  • Record staff’s competencies by adding their trainings and qualifications in their record
  • Monitor individual staff shifts and availability
  • Optionally assign staff card that they can use for system login and time clock

Holidays and Leave Controls

  • Manage your staff’s holidays and leave requests with history report and statistics

Tasks and Job Allocations

  • Assign jobs and rate per job that the staff can perform
  • Allocate and schedule tasks individually on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

Time Clock and Time Sheet

  • Use the system to monitor staff’s clock on, breaks and clock inputs
  • Monitor hours worked per specific job for pay offs
  • Manage and print timesheets

Booking System with Schedule Designer

  • Control your venues and shift by designing schedules
  • Book your games and multiple party venues in one system
  • Manage booking by adding restrictions, policies, terms and conditions

Online Booking

  • Book your parties and games in advance online anytime, anywhere
  • Prevent overbooking problems as it is connected real time to your Banksia server
  • Never missed a booking from the web as it immediately prompts cashier of the transactions
  • Receive notifications and confirmations via email and phone

Rosters and Online Rosters

  • Efficiently manage your staff’s schedule and shift details by planning it ahead of time
  • Last minute changes is not a problem as staff can get notified via phone and access their schedule details online

Printed and Online Waivers

  • Setup multiple waivers
  • Push required waivers by enabling function
  • Print waivers locally or let your customers view and accept it online

Customer Management with Memberships

  • Keep track of your customer’s personal records and account information
  • Add photo for better customer service and security purposes
  • Optionally issue membership cards and integrate it with customer’s record
  • Efficiently manage and monitor memberships

Customer Group Discounts

  • Group customers and assign discounts to encourage more sales and transactions

Customer Interface Point System

  • Banksia can be integrated to your CIP machines server for tracking and reporting purposes
  • Sell credits and points via POS and loading it in their CIP cards
  • Manage CIP terminals and monitor machine’s status through Banksia

User Access Rights and Security

  • Assign specific groups levels of access into the system
  • Customize depending on their function features that are available for them
  • Enable only modules that you only authorize access

Internal Messaging

  • Banksia has its own messaging system to allow staff to communicate and send announcements to single or multiple recipients.

System Notifications

  • Banksia will prompt notifications from booking to inventory such as low on stock, a booking has been made, you have a new message and more.
    Just click on the message and the system will take you to the module that requires your attention and action.

Reports Generator with Editor, Email and Print Functions

  • Over 50+ reports are available and ready to use categorized a follows:
  • POS Reports
  • Booking Reports
  • Staff Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Analysis Reports

And more exciting features and enhancements to come!