Banksia is designed to meet the needs of a busy bowling centre. Whether you have 6 lanes, or 26 lanes, Banksia enhances management oversight and reduces operational complexity, enabling your centre to increase revenue through efficient management. Here’s why Banksia is the right fit for your bowling centre requirements:


Booking flexibility

Taking bookings shouldn’t be a time-consuming duty. With Banksia, a staff member can allocate players to a lane and process the transition in a matter of clicks. Too many booking systems lock you into an inflexible booking arrangement incompatible with the nuances of bowling. Banksia enables individual lanes to be booked independently as unique sessions, or as timed sessions. Our trained installation team will discuss your booking packages and set up Banksia to your specifications. Bookings can be tracked easily with our detailed reporting functionality.

Multiple attractions? Added venues integrate seamlessly into the booking structure. Staff can quickly and easily check availability and book multiple attraction deals including arcades, laser tag, party rooms and more. Multiple counters? Added stations are completely linked with information updated in real time. There’s no worry about overbooking with Banksia.


Online Booking

Banksia’s online booking portal provides the means for your customers to book their next game from their living room, or when they’re out with friends. Importantly, it allows bookings to occur while the centre is closed and frees up staff from answering calls. It’s a customer service truth: customers don’t like to wait. Online bookings can increase sales by a surprising amount, simply by making it easier for your customers to access your service.

What makes Banksia different? While there are a number of online booking services, Banksia’s control and integration are what sets it apart. Other systems require the manual transfer of bookings from the online to the on-site. Never double book again. Banksia’s online-offline link is instantaneous: when someone books online, it appears on your terminal. Push notifications and (optional) SMS of all online booking ensure that you and your staff are up to date.


Rental items

Rental items such as bowling shoes can be monitored and controlled through Banksia’s inventory control system. With Banksia, flexibility is key: rental items can be set up as virtual items enabling you to monitor rental fees and allocate rentals to groups in order to recoup lost or stolen items.


Kitchen control

Many bowling centres sell a variety of café items. A café where customers can buy meals, coffee and snacks provides an important auxiliary revenue stream for many centres. With Banksia, the Kitchen module is fully integrated. Food and drink items sold through Point of Sale appear immediately on a kitchen screen (or a receipt printer). Banksia further manages tables, which can be set to particular lanes or run as a standard café, along with customer tabs. Banksia provides complete back-end inventory controls so that you never run out of important stock.