Bring your arcade centre into the future with Banksia’s NFC customer cards and CIPs. Whether you have a dozen machines as part of a multi attraction centre, or hundreds in a large scale arcade mega-centre, Banksia simplifies operational complexity, reduces repair costs and provides powerful reporting tools. Increase revenue through efficient management oversight and reductions in operational complexity. Here’s why Banksia is the right fit for your arcade centre:


Banksia Customer Interface Points

Banksia’s CIPs seamlessly integrate with your arcades. These feature rich Customer Interface Points are less than a third of the price of comparable products and offer much more flexibility and control than any other unit on the market today.

Banksia Arcade Control devices reduce time spent collecting coins and repairing faulty mechanisms, saving you time and money on management and maintenance. The switch to a cashless card system with built-in loyalty and VIP prices can increase customer spending by as much as 25%. With Banksia Arcade Management you can load credits, generate reports, and monitor the status of machines – all at the click of a button at your POS terminal.


Redemption control

Set items for redemption and be able to transact them using your customer’s ticket values recorded in the system or in exchange of physical tickets. Let the Banksia automatically compute the item’s ticket value or set your own values manually. Be able to segregate regular items for selling and items for redemption for inventory and reporting purposes.


Customer loyalty, VIPs and membership

With Banksia’s CIPs, you can keep track of your customers’ personal records and account information, add photos for better customer service and security purposes, set VIP memberships and pricing to encourage return business, and all of your Customer data can be utilised for targeted marketing campaigns to further encourage return play.


Simple POS – detailed reporting

Banksia provides staff with a simple Point of Sale system. Transactions are completed in a matter of taps on the touchscreen interface.This simple front end is backed up by a comprehensive and detailed stock and inventory system with complete reporting. Stay in control of your sales with Banksia.