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Banksia Family Entertainment Management Software

Banksia FEMS is a Family Entertainment Management System designed to cater the growing needs of your business. Banksia is a fully integrated system that provides full control of your operations, meeting your precise requirements, without the thousands of dollars price tag.

Banksia is modelled on a modular design architecture, enabling you to purchase only the modules that your operation currently require. Modules can be added at as your business grows and the demand to streamline your operations increases.

Online Bookings

Customers plan and book their next party or games without the hassle of calling or going to your facilities for reservations. It’s online, so you can continue earning revenue 24/7 even when your center is closed.

Banksia FEMS utilizes a linked online-offline data system which updates in real time. Online bookings are pushed directly to the local system—no down time, no double-booking. Banksia automatically prompts staff that an online booking has been made so they can contact the customer for confirmation.

Online Rosters

Efficient management of employees’ shifts and schedules is essential to successful operations. Banksia online rostering provides staff with an account online so they can track their shifts, jobs and schedules anytime, anywhere.

Banksia is a complete management solution

Booking System

Staff Management

Time Clock and Time Sheet

Roster Management

Task Allocations

Loyalty Functions

Point of Sale System

Inventory Controls

Ordering and Stock Management

Restaurant and Kitchen Management

System Notifications (Low Stocks, Over Stocks and more)

Internal System Messaging

CIP System (for your coin/card operated arcade machines)

Customer Management with NFC Memberships

Plus, over 50 Reports and more!

Banksia FEMS is your partner in growing your business, we got you covered on automation, control and monitoring to help you maximize your profit, your staff productivity and help you provide a better customer-experience to all your patrons. We aim to make your life easier so you can focus on developing more fun and services to your customers!


If you are interested in Banksia or would like more information, you can contact us here.

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