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Banksia Family Entertainment Management Software

Banksia is a Family Entertainment Management System designed to cater to businesses with growing needs. Banksia is a fully integrated system that provides full control of your operations, from online bookings to inventory management, and staff rostering. Banksia provides effective management tools to structure and streamline operations, providing greater control and flexibility. Banksia’s modular design architecture enables scalable operations: from small venues operating a handful of arcades, to multi-attraction family entertainment centres. Laser Tag, Bowling, Go Karts, Soft-Play, Rock Climbing, Arcades – we do it all!


Online Bookings

Online booking allows your customers to plan and book their next visit without having to wait until your centre opens. Customers make decisions in the moment, and Banksia provides the means to turn those decisions into bookings at your site in just a couple of clicks. Banksia utilises a linked online-offline data system which updates in real time. Online bookings are pushed directly to the local system—no down time; no double-booking. Banksia automatically prompts staff that an online booking has been made for immediate processing.

Online Rosters

Efficient management of employees’ shifts and schedules is essential to successful operations. Banksia online rostering provides staff with an account online so they can track their shifts, jobs and schedules anytime, anywhere. Along with SMS notifications, Banksia provides the means to keep your staff up to date and manage costs effectively.

Arcade CIPs

Banksia’s Customer Interface Point (CIP) system seamlessly integrates with your arcades, redemption machines and gate access to attractions like Rock Climbing, Soft-Play and Go-Karts. These feature-rich CIPs are less than a third of the price of comparable products, and offer much more flexibility and control than any unit on the market today. We have utilised all the latest micro technology to reduce component count and price, delivering a tiny, self-contained 5g Wi-Fi product, without the expensive control box that so many competitors still rely on. There is simply no better priced controller on the market today.

"We use the CIP arcade control system, and it is a vast improvement over our previous swipe card system. We have all the customisation we could possibly need at our fingertips"

- Ben Baker, Laserzone Lawnton

Banksia is your partner in business growth. Automation, control and monitoring will allow you to increase profitability and boost staff productivity. We aim to streamline centre management, so that you can focus on providing the best customer experience!

Point of Sale System

Touchscreen and multiple screen compatible. Use tabs to manage customer orders and credit limits. Create unlimited item groups to easily find items in your POS screen.

Online Booking

Book your parties and games in advance online anytime, anywhere. Real-time connection to Banksia server prevents overbooking.

Staff Management

Monitor individual staff shifts and availability. Optionally assign staff cards for system login and time clock.

Booking System with Schedule Designer

Control venues and shift by designing schedules. Book games and multiple party venues in one system.

Tasks and Job Allocations

Allocate and schedule tasks individually on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Monitor task statuses and staff productivity.

Rosters and Online Rosters

Efficiently manage staff schedules and shift details by planning ahead of time. Deal with last minute changes via phone notification and access to shifts online.


If you are interested in Banksia or would like more information, you can contact us here.